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In the studio!

In the studio!

Sasha Papernik - Old Friend (Not The One)
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Old Friend (Not The One)

This is a new old song that I picked out of my trunk songs this week - dusted it, polished it, and posted it. It’s about running into someone from the past on a busy New York Street in the middle of a normal, busy, day - and how that was.

Sasha Papernik - Tell Me Your Love
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Tell Me Your Love, music by Sasha Papernik, lyrics by Sue Lile Inman. Written at Wildacres on August 31st, 2013. 

Tell Me Your Love

During my artist residency at Wildacres, I met a great poet that was doing a writing residency there. Her name is Sue Lile Inman and one day at lunch, I asked her to write a poem for me to set to music. She wrote, “Tell me Your Love,” for me on the last day of August, 8/31/13. I really liked the mood of the poem and the melody came quickly. Here is a draft version that I recorded there - I taped the lone cricket in the background for a few seconds before the song and after. I love that cricket sound. Here is the poem that the song is based on: 

Write me a song for morning and night —

Draw me a circle of color and light

and tell me your love. 

It’s green, green green green all around.

The silence right here sings mountain top sounds

that tell you my love. 

Crickets, cicadas, and katydids play —

buzzing and sawing and chirping away —

What are they seeking, if not the same thing? 

Tell me your love.

Trees sing me to sleep. Wind whispers and 

roars and carries me deep—

Tell me your love. 

Write me a song for morning and night —

Draw me a circle of color and light, 

and tell me your love. 

—Sue Lile Inman


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The Forest On a Mountain Top

Music and Lyrics written by Sasha Papernik at Wildacres on August 29th, 2013

The Forest on a Mountain Top

Getting back from my residency in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is a little rocky - trading trees for tall buildings - one kind of intimidation for another. But I’m easing back into life here and looking back on this pile of new songs (10 completed!) I just wrote which makes me very happy. 

The muse was tough on me this year at Wildacres - all sorts of funny things happened which made me nervous that she was pushing me (i’ve got a burn to prove it!) - that she wasn’t going to help - but listening to these songs today, I have the sense that they are better than those I wrote last year. So maybe she was pushing me - making me reach for higher musical ground. 

This song, Forest on a Mountain Top, is the one I care most about. I am now working on tweaking it and arranging it for a fuller, cleaner recording, but I like how if you listen closely, you can hear the forest in the background and I wanted you to hear it this way. I was recording everything on garageband on my computer which I had sitting on top of the digital piano and everything was set in front of a wall of windows that I left open - so you can really hear the night sounds out there on this track. I love that. 

Klee and me waiting for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park! Must be summer in New York

Klee and me waiting for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park! Must be summer in New York

This is the music video I created to my version of the famous American folk tune, Wildwood Flower. The recording is from my album, Victory. I made the whole movie on my iphone! More to come….

Proof that I am no cook

Proof that I am no cook

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Jackson recorded on May 5th, 2013 using a 1950’s Shure Mic Model 55